Street Light
High-power COB light source with phase-change heat dissipation technology and anti-glare design.
Low thermal COB light source
Utilizing low thermal resistance packaged COB light source and incorporating a heat management structure with phase-change heat dissipation technology, the luminaire ensures balanced thermal management for high-power COB, while its cut-off anti-glare design effectively reduces the road glare TI value and enhances road lighting comfort.
The high-power COB
The high-power COB, despite its compact size, can be paired with optical glass lenses, providing excellent weather resistance and stability without yellowing, thus avoiding light decay caused by the aging of optical materials.
High-quality single COB LED light source
Featuring a high-quality single COB LED light source with a small emitting surface and a high power density of 62.8W/cm², the luminaire is considered as a point light source in large-scale applications, achieving an impressive whole lamp light efficiency of 180lm/W, an 8% increase in light utilization rate, and an 80% improvement in light efficiency compared to similar products.
The lens adopts high-quality optical specialized glass
The lens adopts high-quality optical specialized glass and undergoes fully automated molding with electrical and infrared heating, ensuring the lens surface's quality and precision with a high light transmittance of 94.9%.
Integrated non-imaging optical system
Designed with an integrated non-imaging optical system, the lamp ensures a maximum brightness uniformity of 0.92, free from virtual images, double shadows, and low glare.
Efficient programmable
Equipped with a high-quality and efficient programmable constant current driver, the lamp achieves a power supply efficiency of 95%, a power factor not less than 0.96, ultra-low loss, and multiple protections against overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning, and high temperature, ensuring the product's longevity and stability.
Power(W) 50W,100W,150W,200W
Voltage(V) 100-265V/AC/50-60HZ
CRI 70-90 Optional
Lumen 140lm/W±10
Angle 30/60 /90/120/150
Operating Temperature (-40℃-60℃)
Lamp Size 550*245*80mm,620*245*80mm,690*245*80mm
LED Lifetime 85000hrs
Material Aluminum+Lens
Warranty 5 Years
Light distribution curve
30 DEG
60 DEG
90 DEG
80x120 DEG
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