Down Light
High-brightness anti-glare design, precise light distribution, and excellent light control.
High brightness
High brightness and maintained luminous flux, with exceptional light control capability.Accurate light distribution and glare prevention design, ensuring precise and comfortable illumination.
High-power COB
Low light decay and extremely high reliability, guaranteeing stable lighting performance over a long period.The product uses a COB light source, which can achieve over 60% energy savings compared to traditional fixtures at the same illuminance. Additionally, it has an extended lifespan and comes with a 5-year warranty.
High brightness
The luminous flux maintenance rate is above 90% within 5 years, indicating minimal light decay. The product utilizes high borosilicate glass lens material, ensuring long-term usage without yellowing and maintaining excellent light transmittance.To meet the requirements of special environments, this product has outstanding protection capabilities. It is equipped with professional waterproof connectors and a special sealing structure, providing IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance, suitable for use in high-temperature, high-humidity, high-dust, and other challenging areas.
Power(W) 50W,100W,150W
Voltage(V) 100-265V/AC/50-60HZ
CRI 70-90 Optional
Lumen 140±10 lm/W
Angle 30/60 /90/120
Operating Temperature (-40℃-60℃)
Lamp Size 176Xᴓ129MM,250Xᴓ154MM,325Xᴓ195MM
LED Lifetime 85000hrs
Material Aluminum+Lens
Warranty 5 Years
Light distribution curve
30 DEG
60 DEG
90 DEG
80x120 DEG
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